District Publications: State of the District 2018-19 - Page 16

COMMUNITY Relations Education is a collaborative effort, and the district values its positive relationships with the community. MISD also offers opportunities for the community to engage in various programs and learning activities. PARTNERS IN EDUCATION LEADERSHIP MISD The goal of the MISD Partners in Education program is to build a better community by forming positive relationships that work together to ensure that every student has the opportunity to succeed in the classroom and in life. The program helps recruit new volunteers, community partners and mentors to the district while aligning existing partnerships between campuses and the community under one uniform program. Each year, the district invites approximately 50 parents and community members to complete Leadership MISD, a comprehensive program to learn more about the district. Classes consist of in-depth sessions focusing on different MISD departments and operations. 14 | 2018-2019 #WEAREMISD