Discovering YOU Magazine September 2018 Issue - Page 9


She Did It!

Imani Adams:

Step Up Participant Becomes a LLC

Submitted by Rhonda and Imani Adams

Today, at 15 years old, Imani works in a salon, full-time in the summer and weekends during school season, she is a dual-student, attending Henry Ford College to become a Registered Nurse in the evenings, taking her high-school courses at Henry Ford Early College, as well as being a part of the AKA mentoring program and she has her driver’s permit. Imani is a busy young lady. Her grade point average at the end of the 2017 school year was a 3.6. Imani’s father and mother are very proud of her. Proud because she is not a boaster and she doesn’t let her accomplishments go to her head.

Imani Nicole Adams has known since she was 5-years old that she wanted to be a beautician and teacher. That was when her mother asked her “What do you want to be when you grow-up”. Imani at that time would be playing in her mother’s hair so her mother thought until one day when Imani’s mother looked in the mirror and discovered, “Imani could really braid”. At this time, Imani was told she was going to own a beauty and barbershop.

Imani is a very determined and confident young lady. Her dream is to own a full service salon. In her salon you will be able to get the works. Imani’s grandmother, Karen would always tell her “marble” you can do anything you want too. This let Imani know that whatever she put her mind to, it was her choice to see it through. When Imani did her vision board for school, her parents were looking and found what they wanted to see that “GOD” was listed at the top.