Discovering YOU Magazine September 2018 Issue - Page 24

I am a Woman of Faith Ministries


Rochelle Robinson, CEO and Cosmotologist for JAMEEL

" you'll never need an eyebrow pencil again"!!

I Am a Woman of Faith was birthed after years of personal pain and struggle experienced by its founder, Faith Larkins. It was originally designed as motivation for one, me, but soon became more.

Our mission is to be a bold voice advancing the Kingdom of God through the power of the Holy Spirit in order to encourage personal transformation through a deeper level of faith, understanding and intimacy with God. We do that by boldly increasing the knowledge of God, courageously disseminating the message of the good news of the Gospel and declaring with global authority the faithfulness of God worldwide.

Faith Larkins, CEO and Founder of I Am a Woman of Faith Ministries

I am Rochelle Robinson, owner, along with my daughter Alexandra of Jameel Permanent Makeup Artistry, Hair and Nail Technicians. I have been in the beauty business for over 30 years, specializing in taking care of hair, nails and facial conditioning and care. I also specialize in hair coloring and permanent makeup artistry. My slogan is "you'll never need an eyebrow pencil again," We are located in Downtown Ferndale at the corner of 9 Mile and Livernois.