Discovering YOU Magazine September 2018 Issue - Page 15

Meet Our Tranformational

Speaker for the

2018 3rd Annual

WOW Event

Dr. Tunishai Ford

Visionary for the WOW Event, Transformational Empowerment Speaker Author, CEO of Y.O.U., Inc., Magazine Founder and Editor, and TV Talk Show Host

Tunishai (Too-knee-shy) Ford is an inspirational international speaker, empowerment trainer, an ordained minister, a TV talk show host, editor of a monthly national online magazine and a published author of four books, “This is a Comma in Your Life, NOT a Period”, “I Miss the Hugs, But NOT the Hurts”, “The Spirit in You”, and “Taking Control of Your Life from the Inside Out”. She is also the founder and CEO of Your Own Uniqueness, Inc., a non-profit (501c3) which deals with self-improvement and overcoming barriers that hinders one from reaching their full potential and walking in their destiny.

Tunishai Ford has also done workshops for the City of Detroit, and Monroe Bank and Trust. She has received numerous certificates and awards for her life work in the community and in business, such as the Testimony of Resolution Award from the City of Detroit, and Woman of the Year Award from the National Association of Professional Women(NAPW) — 2010/2011. But, Tunishai's greatest achievement through the power of God was overcoming Cancer (Hodgkin s' Lymphoma) in the fourth and last stage.

"Purpose is a divine and deliberate mandate from God that glorifies Him, justifies man's existence and serves mankind!"