Discovering YOU Magazine October 2018 Issue - Page 45




Written by Titilayo Famodimu

God is known for his many special effects, perhaps you have had experiences which were designed to work against you yet the Lord turned it around in your favor. Such did the Lord with the fine little baby Moses.

(Exodus 2,v1-6)

When Pharaoh the king of Egypt had instructed for all male Israelite babies to be killed at birth, God chose to preserve a Son of destiny by the hands of his deadliest enemies. (Exodus 1,v16)

The child Moses was raised to become one of the finest princes in Egypt until his bouts of anger led him to murder an Egyptian. By the way he had a right to be angry at the injustice he perceived. He reacted rather than respond to the situation...a wrong choice that almost defined the course of his life.

(Exodus 2,v6, 11- 12)

We are a product of our choices, every choice hands you a corresponding consequence. Now Moses must flee the wrath of Pharaoh and run for dear life. A man whom heaven purposed to be a saviour, leader and deliverer ends up being a shepherd tending sheep rather than leading men.

He seemingly had a career, bills were getting paid, he had a family yet he was at the lowest and minimum point of his life in comparison to what God had prepared for him. We may seem successful and comfortable but this might be the least God expects of us.

Moses was displaced from his great destiny because of the seed in him which was undealt with. What you fail to deal with will definitely deal with you.

Israel had been crying to heaven for a deliverer but they were delayed because Moses got displaced. The consequences of the choices we make does not only affect us personally but it produces a ripple effect affecting those connected to us directly or indirectly.

(Exodus 2, v22-25).

Certain people will only be saved because you got saved, some will be

"We may seem successful and comfortable ....."