Discovering YOU Magazine October 2018 Issue - Page 36


Article by Dr. Tunishai Ford

Are You a

Good Steward of

Your Marriage?

What I have found to be a reality in most marriages is that most couples have not defined their perspective roles they must be responsible for in their union. Traditionally, it is understood that the wife is responsible for what goes on inside the home and the man manages what takes place outside of the home, which includes the yard work and the exterior of the house. But in the 21st century, the roles have changed for our modern family and the traditional roles are slowly fading away. Although this may be true in many families, the one thing that remains constant is the desire to be in a faithful committed relationship. What does being in a faithful committed relationship have to do with stewardship you might ask? Well look at the definition of stewardship, "someone who manages property or affairs for someone else; being responsible for what we are given to govern".

When we enter into a marriage, which is a legal and spiritual contract, we make a vow to be committed to that individual by loving, respecting, honoring, protecting and cherishing them. Each person is entitled to receive as well as give the actions that I just mentioned.

God has given us a mandate to govern ourselves accordingly in a marriage so that both parties will receive the benefits that come with it (I Corinthians 7). When we are unfaithful in any of the areas that I previously mentioned, the marriage suffers, and therefore, good stewardship begins to falter. Although the structure and the roles may change in marriage, the commitment of the heart should never change. We have been assigned to be good stewards for our spouses who bring a sense of security and balance into the relationship.

When we enter marriage for any other reason than love, we are doing a great disservice to ourselves. I have always stated that it is hard enough living and getting along with someone you love; just imagine how difficult it would be to live with someone you do not love. We have the responsibility to enter into holy matrimony with the right motives and allow good stewardship to reign in our