Discovering YOU Magazine October 2018 Issue - Page 35


After Adam disobeyed God, God didn't even want him in the Garden of Eden anymore to keep what he had blessed him with. The tree of life was still in the garden and God could not trust Adam in a position of responsibility because it would cause him his life (Genesis 3: 22 - 24). He could not stay there in his fallen state. All too often we are expelled from our blessing because we are not obedient enough to be satisfied with what we have, long enough to be trusted with more. In order to govern over or keep what you have, you must care. Why did God say it was good after all of His creation? I think because He cared. Why don't we use His example of how to be good stewards over what He has given us? If you think you can live without good in your life, you are wrong.

After having a bad marriage or having bad friendships or having terrible jobs that don't pay enough for you to take care of your family, you will appreciate through much prayer and waiting on God to bless you once again. You will become very humble and grateful that He heard your cry. We usually learn after hardships how to take care of our blessings and become serious owners with the statement, this belongs to me. My mother would say "you don't miss your water until your well runs dry". Please stop giving away your stuff and for God's sake, hold onto your faith. Go back, if possible and only if it was good, to retrieve your possessions, because they do become valuable. God never intended for us to be without but because we failed at caring, we destroyed everything that breathes life, such as our communities and our land. Take care of yourselves. Fathers and mothers take care of your children. Employers take care of your employees and Pastors care for your flock. God is watching, so let us help to preserve what is GOOD.

This is Apostle Connie,

Until the next time.

(Apostle Connie Foster is a certified Seminar and Workshop Facilitator and she is an anointed and appointed teacher and preacher of the Word of God. She and Bishop Foster's church, Harp of God Ministries, Inc. is located on 21406 Fenkell at the corner of Bentler between Evergreen and Lasher in Detroit, Michigan and their motto is: "Making Souls Whole" and they strongly believe that "Everyone is Somebody." You can send your correspondenses to PO Box 11361, Detroit Michigan 48201.)