Discovering YOU Magazine October 2018 Issue - Page 3

Discovering YOU Magazine



Dr. Tunishai Ford/ Editor and Chief

Richard Jackson/ Techician/ Photographer

Toni Coleman/ Copy Editor and Proofreader Apostle Connie Foster/ Columnist


Pastor Philip Nissley

Lama Leah

Francine Houston

Michael Joseph Lynch

From the Editor's Desk Pg. 4

What's New .... Who's Who! Pg. 6

Book of the Month Pg. 7

Get Ready for Medicare Annual Enrollment with

These Online Resources - by BPT Website Pg. 16

Classic Cardigan? 5 Tips for Caring for Your Vintage

Wardrobe - by Vintage Nation Pg. 19

5 Tips for Financing Your Next Home Improvement

Project - by Marcus Goldman Sachs(R) Pg. 21

Fall Time in the "Great Smokey Mountains National

Park" - by Michael Joseph Lynch Pg. 26

5 Ways to Make Your Pooch's Mealtime more Enjoyable

-by Banfield Corporation Pg. 32

Don't Give It Away! -by Apl Connie Foster Pg. 34

Our Common Enemy and Common Cure

-by Pastor Philip Nissley Pg. 38

The Daunting Past -by Lama-Leah Pg. 42

The Seed in You, The Seed in Me

-by Titilayo Famodimu Pg. 45

In the Kitchen with Toni and Friends Pg. 47

Whitepages Pg. 48


Marcus Goldman

Titlaya Famodimu

Cover Story:

MEET Francine Houston: Lupus

Survivor, Graphic Artist, Fashion

Designer, Author/ Poet

- by Francine Houston Pg. 10


Don't Have Time to Walk and

Meditate? Try Them Together

- by UCB's Greater Good Service

Center Pg. 14

Take Control of Your

Personal Information

- by TransUnion Pg. 24

Are You a Good Steward

Over Your Marriage?

-by Dr. Tunishai Ford Pg. 36