Discovering YOU Magazine May 2018 Issue - Page 40


A Mother’s Love

Poem written by Francine Houston

So forgiving, so trusting, no matter what I did you will always let me run back to you

I may repeat the same mistakes, take one foot forward and two back but like a

Mother teaching her child to walk, you are always encouraging me to push forward.

You put my sins in seas of forgetfulness when I confess them. You love me unconditionally. Your love reminds me of a mother's love so forgiving so trusting.

I dealt with lupus in my kidneys and had a very bad flareup a few years ago.

I needed a caregiver and my mother decided to take the job.

I was so sick I could barely bathe or clothe myself. My arms seemed pinned to my sides due to the surgeries from catheters and fistulas.  My mother was actually there for me and my aunt took me to my doctor’s appointments. If it had not been for my mother and my family believing I would live and not die, I wouldn’t be here today.

I have to admit when I was younger, I was not close to my mother. I was closer to my grandmother. I didn’t want an illness to draw me closer to my mother let alone my family but it did. I never knew who had my back until I was at a point when I could not do for myself.

As Mother’s Day is approaching, I look at mothers differently. They are the nurturers, the compassionate ones, who teach us how to be caring to one another. My mother however showed a lot of “tough love”. I was developing a touch skin but still have a tender heart in tact.

I could not imagine how I would feel if I had a sick child to take care of and they were dealing with an autoimmune disease. My mother seem to handle it well, but encouraged me to see myself healed.

Francine Houston is the author of "Lupus Journey" and she has a number of businesses: Cineik Media, FH DESIGNS , and It Works. Francine is also a graduate of

School of the Bible 2 (2013 ).

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