Discovering YOU Magazine May 2018 Issue - Page 4


Hello everyone,

It is finally springtime and nature is showing off her beautiful displays of colorful living things. Every season brings in its own splendor and satisfies the mission for that time of the year and gives mankind a wonderful environment in which to dwell. Even when the weather is not so splendid, we must still acknowledge our appreciation for life. As we behold the works of our Creator, we come to realize that everything created has a purpose and must fulfill its mission for occupying time and space on the earth. From the minutest to the greatest form, everything has to live out its assignment so that the perfect plan of God will come to fruition and satisfy the intended mission.

This month's issue will feature the first part of an incredible testimony of a young lady who visited heaven. Although part one tells us the horrific fight Autumn Elizabeth went through to stay alive, part two of her testimony explains how she visited heaven and will be published in the June 2018 issue. Just know that it is our intent to inspire you to get up and start moving in the direction of fulfilling your mission while you are given time to complete it. Autumn Elizabeth was given a second chance to do just that.

Mission is defined as "a special and distinct assignment given to someone to complete". The key words here are assignment and complete. I have often talked about purpose and fulfilling your destiny, and they can be looked upon as being synonymous in meaning. Purpose deals with what we are created for, for example, a piano was created to produce music. Destiny deals with the course of events that actually assist you in realizing your purpose, for example, the piano was created with wood, strings and metal to produce an instrument that produces music. Now mission is the act in which the purpose and destiny are allowed to come together to fulfilled the intended assignment of that which was created. For example, the piano was made with wood, string and metal to produce an instrument that creates music that will ultimately be used to perform in orchestras, plays, movies, and concerts (the assignment).

Now with that being said and illustrated, what do you believe is your mission? What is your assignment that God has given to you to fulfill while occupying space on this earth? Everyone has one, but is everyone walking in it? This issue will inspire you to examine your life and motivate you to get up and get moving into the direction of identifying your purpose, walking in your mission and fulfilling your destiny. Your mission is like that hyphen on your tombstone in between your birth date and your death date. It is the journey you take before you get to the end of the road of your life and have the pleasure of hearing God say-"Well done, my good and faithful servant; enter in". Look forward to the journey for walking out your mission as you Discover......Your Own Uniqueness!


Tunishai Ford

Editor and Chief