Discovering YOU Magazine May 2018 Issue - Page 3

Discovering YOU Magazine



Dr. Tunishai Ford/ Editor and Chief

Richard Jackson/ Techician/ Photographer

Toni Coleman/ Copy Editor and Proofreader Apostle Connie Foster/ Columnist


Pastor Philip Nissley

Lama Leah

Francine Houston

Michael Joseph Lynch

From the Editor's Desk Pg. 4

What's New .... Who's Who! Pg. 5

Book of the Month Pg. 6

Swap These 4 Food Fads with Nutritious Kitchen Staples

- by Kevin Quealy & Margot Sanger-Katz Pg. 13

Escape with 2018's Top Trending Color

- by Dee Schlotter Pg. 18

5 Tips for Today's Freelance Entrepreneurs

- by Forbes Corporation Pg. 20

Michigan Fun Facts - by Michael Joseph Lynch Pg. 25

Rabbits Running Rampant in Your Backyard? Smart

Tips to Keep Them at Bay - by Bobbex Corp Pg. 28

You Are on An Assignment

- by Apl Connie Foster Pg. 32

Let God Disturb You to Fill You

-by Pastor Philip Nissley Pg. 34

The Failing Human Heart -by Lama Leah Pg. 37

A Mother's Love -by Francine Houston Pg. 40

In the Kitchen with Toni and Friends Pg. 43

Whitepages Pg. 44


Kevin Quealy & Margot Sanga-Katz

Eilon Kirson

Dee Shlotter

Ben Kehl

Cover Story:

Put a Praise On It!

(part one)

- by Genevieve Casey Pg. 9


Science or Fact? Treatments for

Diseases Like Cancer: A different approach to cancer treatments

- by Eilon Kirson Pg. 15

The Real Bottom Line:

Maximize the Value of your

Medicare Dollar - by Ben Kehl Pg. 22

The Mission of Marriage

-by Dr. Tunishai Ford Pg. 30