Discovering YOU Magazine May 2018 Issue - Page 28


Rabbits Running Rampant

in Your Backyard?

Smart Tips to Keep Them at Bay

Article by Experts at Bobbex

(BPT) - You may never see them. They sneak in silently once the sun goes down. They ravage your delicate garden and stunning landscape. If you do happen to catch a glimpse, they'll run fast as lightning to safety so they can dine in your yard while you're not around. No, this isn't a plot from some cinematic thriller; it's a daily occurrence for homeowners with outdoor space. Rabbits can quickly take a toll on any size yard, and can easily climb into raised beds and nibble away at your painstakingly planted container creations.

Wild rabbits have a big appetite and your garden and landscape is like a tempting, bottomless salad bar. And where there's one, there's more: The gestation period for a rabbit averages just 30 days. There's factual truth behind that old saying, "multiplying like rabbits"!

You may enjoy bunnies in storybooks or even as domesticated pets, but wild rabbits can be a devastating problem for your yard. These four-legged foragers

can eat your fabulous flowers and prized produce, literally overnight.

To protect your yard from rabbits, you first need to identify their presence. Because they often come out at dawn and sunset, you may rarely see them. According to the animal repellent experts at Bobbex, these are the top signs that you've got rabbits:

1. Plant damage low to the ground, often a few inches above the soil.