Discovering YOU Magazine May 2018 Issue - Page 12


hour care, in the home. I knew. Why does the devil use your knowledge against you? He wants you scared. The devil knew that I knew trachs and ventilators. He knew I thought trachs meant forever, a long term battle. I knew I would win the battle with Jesus because I called for completed healing. I called to Dr. Jesus. My daughter was extubated a second time, on a bipap trial. I told the nurse, to watch her and to make sure it stayed in place; to make sure we could try. My daughter was given a dose of Rocuronium when I went home to see my other kids which shut her respiratory system down, sending her into cardiac arrest while my husband held her hand paralyzed by fear.

My husband called me at 7am, scared. I heard him say, “They have to intubate”.

I screamed. “Why? We were so close! What happened?”

He said, “The nurse gave Autumn Elizabeth a drug and she just stopped breathing”. The team was there. The nurse stated he gave our daughter, Rocuronium. I called a doctor I knew to calm myself, then I drove back to the hospital. Why did I leave? Rocuronium will kill a person in two minutes. It is typically given after a sedative. It is a musculoskeletal paralytic medication. If given without a sedative, a person's muscles including the heart, lungs, muscles become paralyzed.

The doctor told me over the phone to stay calm and not to be angry. “Can you come to the hospital and pretend to be my uncle and be angry for me?” I asked him. He told me, no that he couldn't lie because it would not be ethical. I told my husband to have the nurse removed. I drove 90 mph. I arrived to may daughter

being intubated. My daughter's doctor and team were discussing pulling the tube again. My daughter was awake and alive. Another nurse was in the room, when a resident had walked in to start the incubation.

We were pulled into another room to discuss what my husband had seen. The administrator refused to give the Nurse's full name. The devil uses fear, distrust and lies to destroy your mind and to make you scared. I cried. How could people do things like that to my daughter who arrested in front of me? I did CPR on her. I cried out to Jesus for her. Did I do all this just to have her to keep dying? How could people you are supposed to be able to trust betray you, and make such horrendous judgements? The Devil and his fear tactics. I called for help. I called Michigan Patient Advocacy. I called Poison Control. I called the police. I called to Jesus. Yes, this crazy mom who the nurses kept saying knows everything. I called to Jesus again to save my daughter from whatever the Devil, the author of sickness and disease was trying to take from us, our lives, our family, her mommy, daddy, and grandparents. Prayers, I did not make the decision to have my daughter get a tracheostomy. It was done. I did not know the outcome. I did not know how long. I just knew. I had to trust in God. God is the author of life, truth, and salvation -- Jesus.

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