Discovering YOU Magazine June 2018 Issue - Page 37


"A Spark"

Article by Lama-Leah

Within the human experience on this earth, we become defined and shaped by moments. The most important moment that should define us is when we become a part of the body of Christ. However, I argue that how we use our lives, in the small and big moments, to reflect the actions of our Heavenly Father should also play a huge role within our walk.

In the past several weeks, I have been out of town more than I have been at home. I have been to several cities across the Midwest, for the purposes of business, pleasure, and family. At one point, I was in a large, well known, city, that I had never been to before. I was in the downtown district and was simply meditating, and taking in the beauty that surrounded me. I had gotten lost in my thoughts about what went on inside the large skyscrapers. I looked around and noticed a man smoking. Not an uncommon sight to see in a city. As he was walking down the street, I happened to witness him throwing his cigarette on the ground. Again, not an uncommon sight to see, however in this location, the man was very close to an area of grass that would have been flammable, fortunately a gust of wind blew, and it barely missed the grass that surrounded us and hit the concrete street instead.

After witnessing that moment, I started thinking about how just a few seconds could have caused a possibility that would have completely changed our lives for better or for worst.

For me, when I look back at the minuscule moments that have impacted my life, I realize that they are less defined by the events that happened within days, and weeks, but what happened in just seconds and minutes. The strangers who showed kindness to me, in the smallest ways. The times that someone smiled at me, held the door open, or let me go in front of them at the checkout line in the grocery store. Alternatively, I remember the times when I received poor service at a restaurant, the malicious words from bullies, and unkind remarks from those who claim to be believers. These are the moments that stand out to me in my life, and to some degree, have affected how I see the world.

God calls us to be set apart. Unfortunately, I feel that sometimes Christians tend to be set apart in all of the wrong ways. Personally, I have been emotionally hurt the most by those who say that they are believers. At times, I have considered leaving the Church because of the tremendous judgment that tends to happen within it. I do not want