Discovering YOU Magazine June 2018 Issue - Page 34




Article by Pastor Philip Nissley,

New Hope Assembly of God, Taylor, MI

Derwin Gray in his book “Limitless Life” says, “The truth is, we do not have addiction problems. We have misdirected worship. I’m convinced every human being is in recovery and being weaned from some form of addiction because of idolatry. Your addiction or mine may not have us eating out of trash cans, but our sin habit is hurting and diminishing God’s glory in our lives.”

So, no matter what you are facing don’t medicate … claim God’s limitless power! Maybe it is a marriage, job, son or a daughter that hasn’t quite turned out the way you thought it should. Maybe its a medical diagnosis that has scared you. Maybe its lack of worth, insults, or trials to great to bear. Whatever it is, The greater the enemy coming at you, the bigger you need a Limitless God working in you! Maybe you hear voices telling you to just quit, give up, and let it go. But remember, the Bible says “When you are weak, He is strong”. You can rely on His LIMITLESS presence, provision and power.

You are the artwork of God, a special painting crafted together by the master painter! Stop putting down or consuming in addictions what God has made. He is able to give you purpose, worth and

victory! Call out to God! Take the finished work of the cross seriously, and begin to see yourself as forgiven, washed clean, and clothed in the righteousness of God which Rom. 3:22 says comes by faith in Jesus Christ unto all who call on Him and believe”.


Anybody who knows the message of the cross, has some knowledge of God's love for us. However, many times, we blame God for our problems, and so we don't believe the love that He has for us. If we are going to receive the love that God has for us, we need to get our thinking straitened out. He's not the one behind our problems, but rather Jesus paid the full price so that we can be forgiven all our sins, both physically and emotionally healed, and blessed. The reason why bad things happen to us, is because we live in a fallen world that is under the control of the evil one. But you can be set free by a LIMITLESS God and be under His control. Jesus tells us clearly in John 10:10 that Satan comes to “steal, kill and destroy, but I HAVE COME that you may have life and have it abundantly!” You can have