Discovering YOU Magazine June 2018 Issue - Page 30


Article by Dr. Tunishai Ford

Golden Nuggets that will Tell You If You are Ready for Marriage

I am so tired of hearing about married couples who have been married for more than ten to twenty years calling it quits, and often more times than not, it is not due to adultery (St. Matthew 5: 32). What is going on? Here I am waiting to get my Mr. Right and live happily ever-after and there are couples splitting up for ridiculous reasons. Allow me to give you an illustration. I was watching a Danielle Steele Movie, "Daddy" which was about a gentleman who seemingly had it all; wife of his dreams, three wonderful children and a dream job (career). One day his wife announced to him that she was unhappy because she did not get to live her lifelong dream of becoming a successful writer and that she desired to go back to college. She was accepted at U of M and she was going to leave her husband and children behind. She lived in Chicago and there were several great Universities she could have gone to with the same

program. "I want my space!" she exclaimed, and because of her decision, her family was torn apart and fell apart. Of course, she later had an affair, and their 18-year-old son had moved in with a wayward girl who had his baby out of wedlock. The two younger children were extremely unhappy.

Now this movie brought Danielle Steel much acclaim, but unfortunately this scenario is so prevalent today that it is sickening. Now some of you may say to yourselves that there is nothing wrong with her pursuing her dream of becoming a writer and I would agree with you, but to move to another state is a selfish choice, especially when your youngest child is only 10 years old. I know it was just a movie, but this happens all the time and I ask myself when I hear of similar situations, didn't they know what they were getting into before they said, "I Do"? Selfishness is the root of many couples’ discontentment, therefore you end up having two very discontent and unhappy people living together just counting the days before one of them will initiate their escape. Before long, you will find them in divorce court and they will inevitably start the cycle all over again with someone else.