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purchased onsite at Belle Isle, but there is a phone number to call if you need further information, (313) 821-9844. You will see the Aquarium, Dossin Great Lakes Museum, a Conservatory and much more that is all FREE.

If you want to see how chocolate is made and you have a sweet tooth then drive over to the “Morley Chocolate Factory and store,” which is home to “Sanders Chocolate,” located at 23770 Hall Rd, Clinton Township. The one hour FREE guided tour includes a video presentation, an observation walkway to view the candy making process, and also best of all, FREE candy samples at the end of the tour. The tour is self-guide or guided. A guided tour may require an appointment ahead of time, just call 586-464-5411. The factory and store are located in the same building. Parking is FREE.

If factory tours are still your thing, then drive over to 201 W North Street in the city of Chelsea and see how Jiffy Mix is made at the” Chelsea Milling Company.” A FREE one hour tour is available which consists of an educational and informative video presentation, a product sample,

refreshments and a walk through the packaging plant led by Tour Hosts. Parking is also FREE. Reservations are required. Same day requests will be accommodated as space permits. Call (734) 372-0223 to make a reservation or if you have any other questions.

This next FREE attraction is very interesting it’s called, “The Kelsey Museum of Archeology” located at 434 South State Street in the city of Ann

Jiffy Mix Tour, Chelsea

Arbor, on the Central Campus of the University of Michigan. Even though they advertise FREE admission, they do accept donations. They have coined and electronic meter parking around the museum. At this museum, you will view many ancient artifacts that are hundreds of years old. The public entrance is located on Maynard Street. Call for more details or see their website.

Michigan States Capital Building

" At this museum, you will view many ancient artifacts

that are hundreds

of years old."