Discovering YOU Magazine June 2018 Issue - Page 22


your college tuition expenses by as much as 25 percent if you stay actively enrolled. "The Strayer Graduation Fund has shown me that there are other alternative funds available for me to acquire my degree," said Eboni. "I don't have to depend on loans."

* Develop your support system. When balancing school, work and family, it's important to realize you don't have to go it alone. Students who juggle multiple demands recommend asking for help from grandparents, friends and neighbors. An evening babysitter can free you up to study and get your school work done quickly. Childcare can get expensive, so consider a no-cost childcare swap with a friend or neighbor. Ask if they can take care of your child on nights when you have class and in return, you can take care of their kids on other nights.

* Get organized. When you have little to no spare time, you can't afford to waste it. Planning your daily and weekly activities through a resource like Google Calendar can help you stay on top of all your obligations and identify pockets of free time that you can spend studying or simply running errands.

* Don't forget about you. Many busy students say that with all of the competing demands on their time, it's easy to forget about themselves. In your role as an employee, parent and student, it's easy to forget that you need some "me time" to prevent burnout. Protect your sleep at all costs and don't be afraid to schedule end-of-semester rewards for yourself. A massage, a nice meal out with family, a trip to the movies or even a round of golf can be just the thing you need to energize your spirit, so you can devote even more attention and passion to your schoolwork, your job and, of course, your family.

Finding balance between your home, work and school lives can be one of the most difficult tasks for adult students. But, as many can attest, it is possible. Apply the tips above and stick with it. The rewards will certainly be worth your efforts.

Students who juggle multiple demands recommend asking.

" Protect your sleep at all costs and don't be afraid to schedule end-of-semester rewards

for yourself."