Discovering YOU Magazine June 2018 Issue - Page 21


Achieving Balance: 5 Tips to Manage Work, School and Family

Article by Eboni Weekes

(BPT) - It may not be easy, but many are doing it, balancing school, work and family. It's a difficult task and those who do it will tell you they sometimes feel as though they are being pulled in three directions at the same time. If you are already struggling to achieve balance, or are considering adding school to your already busy life, there are things you can do to not only survive but thrive in managing these demands.

Below is a collection of gathered advice from students who are "doing it all" and these tips can help you manage your busy life and find balance:

* Have your goal from the beginning. Navigating through the tough times - and they will come - is really a matter of motivation. For starters, decide what are you going to school for. If your answer is simply because you feel you should, it will be tough to stick with it. Instead focus on your goals. Maybe you want to buy a permanent home for your family, to grow your career or find a job that will help you pay for your child's college. Eboni Weekes, a Strayer University student, vowed to provide a better life for her daughter, so she knew she needed a Bachelor's in Business Administration to further her career. Whatever your motivation, keep it front and center so you can call on it when the tough times come.

* Explore your options. All of your options. Education models simply aren't one-size-fits-all. There may be certain programs designed specifically for your lifestyle - you just may not be aware of them. For some, flexibility may be a key factor, while for others - and, in fact, for most - cost is the biggest factor in selecting a program. Strayer University, for example, caters to working adults, keeping in mind the financial difficulties of managing work, family and school. The Strayer Graduation Fund allows bachelor's degree students to earn a course at no cost for every three classes they complete. This effectively reduces

"There may be certain programs designed specifically for your lifestyle - you just may not be aware of them."