Discovering YOU Magazine June 2018 Issue - Page 10


needed more help with care. The concerns were that there was no processing time, no answers to questions. My concern was I knew that the devil lays in bed with states, twists laws, and promotes more lies. The head of Children's Special Health services called me, out of Wayne County. I spoke with him, he had no resolution, but a county nurse did show up to my home and a card eventually did come in the mail, so I could follow up with doctors for her care. Speech Therapy, ENT apts, sickness, a whole underneath the stoma appeared, I was told MRSA. I called on Jesus again, I called back to the clinic to see if her culture came back. What culture? No culture was done. I was told. I called Monroe ENT and asked their office who they would recommend. I found an absolute work of God's hands in a surgeon. My daughter had been through scope procedure without sedation, crying, blocking. Scared. Not this time, God's hand's working through him, he was the true hands and feet of God. We saw him, I asked. I told. I cried. He asked, how fast did we want the trach out? Fast, Fast, Fast. How quick was the healing? It was around two months, from June to August, to September 1, 2017 her trach came out on our wedding anniversary. She spoke around it. Gone was the diagnosis of vocal cord paralysis, gone was the never will I ever hear her voice. Gone was the continual fear, the coughing up blood, the scare. God hears us. He listens. Jesus heals.

My daughter has told me answers to my prayers. She has given me confirmation of heaven. She has told me Jesus has a horse. She has told me that we are young in heaven. She has told me not to worry that

our names are written on a wall in Gold letters. She told me, she has angels like my Uncle Chuck who met her in a suit and sent her back home to me. She has told me they eat fish in heaven, and she got to wear a white dress. my daughter told me that Jesus has magic hands and can refill your cup when it needs to be refilled. He can save, he can heal. Only Jesus can break the author of fear in your life, the lies, the brokenness. She told me with all her voice that you want to go up and not down, and that many will be lost. So, we need to tell people they do not want to be lost to wander the Earth. My daughter with her voice told me she met Jesus, his magic hands, his healing touch, his mighty white healing light. She is a miracle to me, and never will I doubt there is a God in heaven, who loves us, who heard my mommy thoughts, and prayers when I could not speak. He heard my cry in my darkest hour. He heard me say, “I can't live without her, I can live with memory loss, but not losing her”. He broke their promises of paralysis. He broke their diagnosis. Now seizures are gone, trach gone, tubes out, He healed my girl with His love and the magic healing power of His blood. He died for us, His father God watched. I watched my daughter on life support, I know there is pain in watching, and in feeling helpless in sickness, disease, pain, but Jesus saved me,

her, and our family from death. He saved