Discovering YOU Magazine April 2018 Issue - Page 33


(Apostle Connie Foster is a certified Seminar and Workshop Facilitator and she is an anointed and appointed teacher and preacher of the Word of God. She and Bishop Foster's church, Harp of God Ministries, Inc. is located on 21406 Fenkell at the corner of Bentler between Evergreen and Lasher in Detroit, Michigan and their motto is: "Making Souls Whole" and they strongly believe that "Everyone is Somebody." You can send your correspondenses to PO Box 11361, Detroit Michigan 48201.)

There are certain functional behaviors that one must expect from those that you are surrounded by daily. Especially to those who have a mainstream of purposes and decisions that must be made in a timely fashion. You must be able to rely on the concept of team work, as quoted "brilliant minds think alike".

I trust what I'm feeling is enough to tell you, that you are in a good spot that's connecting you to your destiny (purpose designed by God). Now that you are there, do what's expected of you. How could you expect something from others that you are not willing to give yourself? I know that one person cannot do everything, but I do know that your attitude must be pleasant enough to draw in positive energies so that you can be enhanced from others' talents and abilities. We've probably grown tired, frustrated and irritated with folks. Some people have lost their integrity, honor and respect. Still take on some challenges, gain some strength and get to stepping. Some may not know what that means. It means to hold your head up high and take on the responsibility of living a good Godly life. Do you know how I know that you can do it? It's because I'm expecting you to.

job that I was chosen to do. I never want to give the readers something that I wouldn't enjoy reading myself.

The reason I'm giving you this testimonial is because you need to know that you are the right person whether the position was given to you by your boss, your business partner, your family and even God. You are expected to do the very best that you can do. It may not be the best pay, but you are expecting to receive a reward. Your expectancy of reward may be from man such as a gift or even a pay check. I am a child of God, a servant with a Pastor's position. I can't always expect that all my rewards with be tangible gifts, but I am expecting the greatest reward from my Heavenly Father. That reward is eternal life.

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but shall have everlasting life, (St. John 3:16, KJV).

"I can't always expect that all my rewards with be tangible gifts, but I am expecting the greatest reward from my Heavenly Father."