Discovering YOU Magazine April 2018 Issue - Page 3

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Dr. Tunishai Ford/ Editor and Chief

Richard Jackson/ Techician/ Photographer

Toni Coleman/ Copy Editor and Proofreader Apostle Connie Foster/ Columnist


Pastor Philip Nissley

Lama Leah

Francine Houston

Michael Joseph Lynch

From the Editor's Desk Pg. 4

What's New .... Who's Who! Pg. 5

Book of the Month Pg. 6

Childhood Vaccine Rates Increase But More Parents

Also are Refusing - by BCBSA Pg. 14

Want a Beautiful Smile? Protect Yourself!

- by The Crest Corporation Pg. 17

Credit Tips for Buying an Investment Property

- by Vintage Score Solutions Pg. 18

Growing Your Business? These 3 Financing Mistakes

Can Cost You Big - by BPT Website Pg. 20

5 Ways Travel will Change in 2018

- by VISA Staff Pg. 23

Abraham Lincoln and The Lynch Family

- by Michael Joseph Lynch Pg. 25

6 Home Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

- from BPT Website Pg. 28

The Best is Yet to Come

- by Apl Connie Foster Pg. 32

God Wants to Birth New Stuff in Your Life

-by Pastor Philip Nissley Pg. 34

After the Storms Have Passed

-by Lama Leah Pg. 37

An Unusual Promise -by Titilayo Famodimu Pg. 40

Everyday Heroes Part 2: Do You Wear the "S"?

-by Francine Houston Pg. 41

In the Kitchen with Toni and Friends Pg. 43

Whitepages Pg. 44


Titilayo Famodimu

Apls Gbade and Ade Akinjide

Cover Story:

Gbade and Ade

Akinjide: A Dynamic Duo in Ministry and Business - by Ade Akinjide Pg. 9


5 Ways to Jump-start

Your Heart Health - by U.S. News Health Pg. 12

What's in Your Family?

Getting to Know Both

Families' Histories Before

You Say, "I Do!"

-by Dr. Tunishai Ford Pg. 30