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together, visiting old Lynch properties such as farmhouses and different farmlands owned by the Lynch family, while also doing a lot of research in libraries and other places that held records, etc.

Now, after gathering all this information I was able to write a book on our family’s history from mainly the 1700’s forward, with some information even before that. I describe in this book our relationship to not only Abraham Lincoln, but also my relationship to John Alden and Priscilla Mullins of the Mayflower from the year 1620, having only 102 passengers on board, plus other well-known figures. Now, this article is about Abraham Lincoln and the Lynch family, with all the previous information needed to be said to show everyone involved in researching our family to give the readers a starting point to see how it all unfolded.

"He was one of two Lynch males who made us related to Abraham Lincoln and his mother, Nancy Hanks."

Wayne from 1776-1783, who Wayne County, Michigan is named after as well as many other places having his given name. In the history books you will find that some of the soldiers fighting this war were as young as my 4th great-grandfather, being only 15 years of age, and some younger.

Edward Lynch stayed in the Continental army for years after the war ended. He then goes on to meet his future wife Prudence Reed, who was living in Pennsylvania at the time. They then traveled by wagon train to Campbell County, Virginia together where they got married in 1797. After their marriage, they travel through the Cumberland Gap where they arrived in Hardin County, Kentucky sometime in 1798, being their final destination. They went on to have seven boys and one girl together, which all survived into their adulthood. One of their sons was named Joseph Lynch, which is my middle name. He was one of two Lynch males who made us related to Abraham Lincoln and his mother, Nancy Hanks.

Edward Lynch’s second son, Joseph Lynch meets a girl named, Lydia Hall, and

Tombstones of Nancy Hanks-Lincoln and son President Abraham Lincoln

The year is 1760 when the 1st generation of our family Edward Lynch is born, who is my 4th great-grandfather. He arrives in 1775 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the age of 15 years old as an orphan after traveling from County Cork, Ireland where he was said to be born. He enlists in the Revolutionary war and fought under General “Mad” Anthony