Discovering YOU Magazine April 2018 Issue - Page 25


Abraham Lincoln

and the Lynch Family

Article written by Michael Joseph Lynch

First of all, let me start off by saying everyone is related to someone in their past, some of which may be well-known figures like in my linage, while others may have just ordinary people that never made it into the national spotlight. My family; the Lynchs are really well researched by many relatives from my past. It seems Genealogy runs in the Lynch family. Our family; the Lynches, come from Ireland. My 1st generation, 4th great-grandfather is Edward Lynch who fought in both the Revolutionary War and also the War of 1812 for the state of Pennsylvania.

Anyway, I have these old typed letters in my possession that explains in detail our relationship to the 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. These letters were written by my cousin from the 3rd generation, Frank H. Lynch and his older brother John Clement Lynch who were the 1st Genealogist of our family. Frank was born in 1876 and his brother 1864. I myself am a 7th generation Lynch born in 1958. These two brothers provided a wealth of information on our family and left a very good paper trail for me and others to follow.

After the 3rd generation genealogist Frank and John Lynch passed, then the new genealogists of our family are now 6th generation Charles Lynch Jr and James Lynch who did a lot of footwork in showing our family in great detail not only the information from the 3rd generation, but now they added on more information from that point forward. Charles Jr and James Lynch visited multiple cemeteries separately, never

Michael Joseph Lynch

Abraham Lincoln

Nancy Lincoln-Hanks