Discovering YOU Magazine April 2018 Issue - Page 11


The timing of this couldn't have been more obviously God. I was just telling Logan that I haven't heard from Mr. Mefford yet and that I was getting nervous, but I needed to stop being nervous and trust God. No kidding, as I was talking I heard this notification on my phone! He cares for me! He is faithful and GOOD! (Jenn – MI)

One of recipient of Voice of Victory in Maryland said, “this daily prophetic voice is so rich, have you considered compiling it into a book?” This has caused us to compile it into a book – “The Voice of Victory – A daily prophetic voice”, which will be published soon.

He pioneered the first branch of “Mountain of Fire” and “Miracle Ministries North America” (MFM) in Brooklyn, New York (USA) in 1996. He relocated to Detroit, Michigan in 1999 and started another Branch of the MFM which he handed over successfully because of his commitment at that time in “The Redeemed Christian Church of God”.

He served under “The Redeemed Christian Church of God” (RCCG) in 1999 where he was ordained in 2001, he Pastored RCCG – “The Mountain of the Lord” (MOTL) in a city called Ypsilanti, Michigan. He is Christ Ambassador to the core and a humble servant. He is a product of “Word of Faith Bible Institute of Living Faith Church” (Winners Chapel) Lagos State, Nigeria (2009 - 2010) West Africa.

About Gbade Akinjide

Gbade T. Akinjide is the Pastor and Founder of “The Spring of Life Ministries Int. Inc.” headquartered in Southgate, MI. Apostle Pastor Akinjide is called with a specific mandate to transform the minds of the people and release them into their destinies through the preaching of the word of faith. He is committed to preaching the living Word of God, setting the captives free, and raising a standard for Christian living. A seasoned inspirational speaker, teacher of the word and well sought international conference speaker, his down to earth, heart to heart practical teaching has inspired countless souls.

He has authored some books which include: Decision Time, Now! And Decision Time Now! - Study Guide, Seeds of Gold, Voice of Victory, etc.

Gbade is a seasoned registered award-winning representative with over two decades of experience in the Banking, Insurance and Financial Services Industry. Gbade Akinjide is joyfully married to Adejoke Akinjide who also is an ordained minister and they are blessed with children.

You can contact the Akinjides at or phone them at 734-377-9652.