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classrooms, offices, conference rooms and a salon lobby area, the facility provides more room for not only students to work, but for the program to grow. “Our maximum enrollment now is 80,” Smith said. “And we have about 50 enrolled currently.” In addition, the high school program has been moved into the facility, providing a more centralized location for those students. “It just is so much more space,” Gentry said of the new building. “It makes it a lot easier to do what you need to.” With classrooms and salon all in one building, students also get more opportunities to rotate through different roles and duties, SCC Associate Vice President Merlin Amirtharaj said. “Sometimes that’s working in the salon, but it’s also doing laundry and linen duty, greeting clients, doing inventory in the chemical closet,” Amirtharaj said. “They can just take a walk down the hall and practice with all of that.” Overall, it takes 1,500 school hours to get a cosmetology license in North Carolina, she added, so the extra hours are always needed. After that, students can choose to either begin working or take extra classes to get an associate’s degree as well. “It’s a very flexible set up, which sets us apart from some of the bigger community colleges in the area,” Amirtharaj noted. Paired with a roomy, modern facility and the fact that SCC maintains one of the least expensive cosmetology tuitions in the region, and it seems SCC may have just found another way to fill in a gap. “It’s been a dream for a long time,” Smith said. “And it’ll be exciting to see where we go next.” A Beautician’s Legacy Jerrie Sue Moffitt-Morton worked a long career as a beautician before passing away in 2009. In memory of her passion for bringing out the best in others, husband Jack Morton — whose family also has a long history of supporting education — donated $500,000 to SCC for its new cosmetology building. “You can tell he was so proud of her,” David Smith, program director of SCC’s cosmetology school, said of Morton. “He’d visit (the construction site) every other week just to see how it was going and talk with the people out here.” Jerrie Sue graduated High Point Beauty School, a program not unlike SCC’s. She was known for her fighting spirit and ability to put others at ease. “We are deeply honored to have the family’s support,” Smith said. Discover Stanly | 2017 49