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“There are two ways to make an item. There is ‘all-over’ sublimation, in which the entire item is done at once. And there is a second way to make the item which is what I call ‘print-press-cut-and-sew,’ in which we do the front, back and sides or sleeves separately.” Chroma History Chroma Provisions site circa 1954. While Chroma produces various sublimated items and products, the company does not sell merchandise under its own label. “We are not a brand,” said Snyder. “You won’t walk into a store and see apparel with a ‘Chroma’ tag, but we do manufacture items that may carry the label and brand of another company.” This is known as “white label production,” according to Snyder. “We don’t have a sales team, and we have a very small manufacturing team. So we rely on sales forces coming to us, asking us to produce our goods for them.” Snyder also noted that Chroma’s size and location are an advantage when large textile industries need sublimated product quickly. “For example, a company might come to us, wanting production on the East Coast so they can provide a three-day, two-day or one-day ship-out of product. Many of these customers will ask for what we call a ‘ful l process, meaning that we print, press, cut, sew, pack and ship the product. They may not ever see the product, but they know it’s going to get done properly and get shipped out on time.” The company currently works with a number of brand-name mattress industries including Sealy and Mattress Firm, and with apparel industries including M.J. Soffe. Chroma has four full-time employees, and officially opened for business on July 1, 2016. The Norwood facility also offers warehouse space and distribution services, as well as a community room available for rentals. Norwood, NC is no stranger to textiles. The first yarn operation opened in 1898 under the name of Norwood Manufacturing Co. the same year W.M. Ivey and R Amos were given permission to run a telephone into town. In 1943, Collins and Aikman expanded their textile production in Norwood acquiring the Norwood Manufacturing Co operating until the mid ‘90s. Two third generation textile manufacturing and third generation textile finishing and dyeing families partnered together in order to revitalize textile production in Norwood to create Chroma Provisions. Fast forward to today, Chroma Provisions is revitalizing the textile industry applying new technologies to traditional manufacturing and finishing techniques in the same location it all started. With more than a quarter million square feet of production and warehousing, they are using digital print coupled with traditional manufacturing methods to produce unparalleled goods to market for their clients. Discover Stanly | 2017 33