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quality and feel of the finished product as well as the ability to make shirts in smaller batches. “People want a shirt or something to remember an event in their life, a memento from a special occasion,” Wysocki said. “The majority of our sales are people that want custom five, 10 or even just one shirt,” Wysocki said. Make It Personal has done T-shirts for a wide range of events from wedding parties, baby announcements, sports teams, baseball and softball moms shirts, beach trips, cruises, Disney trips and more. The extra room just off the main showroom has a table in the middle and plenty of space to host a crafting party, which Wysocki said stays booked nearly every weekend in the winter months but a little less during the summer. Maintaining a high standard of quality is also important to Make It Personal, according to Wysocki. Keeping her products trendy while continuing to expand and adding new products is important to Wysocki. “We buy top-quality vinyl, top-quality garments...if I wouldn’t wear it, I won’t sell it. I pride myself on having high-quality garments and doing a good job on them.” “I want to continue to expand. Fads come and go...we have to keep thinking outside the box, see what else we can offer, stay up to date with the trends.” Even beyond normal retail work for the business are the DIY parties, which started when one of Wysocki’s friends asked if she could do a party for her young daughter. Beyond even custom T-shirts, Make It Personal has a showroom with a line of T-shirts which Wysocki calls “statement Ts” offering funny, clever and often inspirational views on life. Make It Personal does screenprinting as well, but mostly for bulk orders. Monograms on T-shirts, bags, purses, backpacks and more are popular right now, according to Wysocki, and an other major part of her business. “If it sits still long enough, we’ll monogram it,” Wysocki said. The business also does a great deal of embroidery work, something she added because embroidery is much better for bags, shoes and things like that. Wysocki said she believes the popularity of the items she makes is because people love to celebrate things in their life. I didn’t know how. I tried it on her and it went off without a hitch,” Wysocki said. “I always thought I would love to do it, but Discover Stanly | 2017 13