Discover Stanly 2017-2018 - Page 11

energy, aerospace and metal working continue to grow. Our area has strengths in all of these areas. Finally, the Internet of Things (IOT) continues to evolve. The existing resources and additional new programming that is on the way at Stanly Community College will help us be prepared. Finally, our location, water and power access will give our community the potential for data center projects. Q. Much has been made in recent years about the increasing need for spec buildings as a way to locate industry. How do you assess this need and what part of the county would be the most suitable for spec buildings? Why? A. There is a lack of available modern industrial buildings in Stanly County. Many companies looking for a new location have a short window of time to begin operations and therefore see existing buildings as a faster way for them to start. A new shell building in the Riverstone Business Park in the western part of the county would be an excellent way to draw interest to our area. Research done by our office has indicated there is a need for a facility that would be 12 minutes from the I-485 Charlotte Outer Loop. Q. In your discussions with prospective industry leaders considering Stanly as a business location, what do they seem to like most about the county? What do they like least? A. Our county is located between Charlotte and a major state park and a national forest. We have a beautiful place to call home. We are centrally located to a wide variety of labor. We do have challenges regarding our proximity to interstate highways. Q. What do you perceive to be Stanly’s top assets when attempting to appeal to prospective businesses? A. A new county-owned business park, 12 minutes to I-485; a new city owned business park on U.S. 52; Pfeiffer University and its new Health Sciences 42,000-square-foot facility in downtown Albemarle; 10,000 acres of lakes; the Uwharrie National Forest; Morrow Mountain State Park; four vineyards; two world class sporting clay facilities; a great workforce and an excellent connection with Stanly Community College and its AMIT (Advanced Manufacturing Industrial Technology Center). Q. What do you perceive to be Stanly’s top five weaknesses? A. Broadband capacity; shovel ready fully served industrial sites; available modern industrial buildings of 40,000 square feet and larger; looming retirements in our aging workforce in our manufacturing facilities may create challenges for existing industries; and four-lane highway access. Q. In terms of transportation, where would you most like to see changes in the road infrastructure? Or, what changes would prove to be the most advantageous for future economic development? A. Completion of four lanes on N.C. 24-47 is a key. Widening U.S. 52 from Anson County through Stanly to Cabarrus County would connect I-74 and I-85. Q. What’s the future of rail service in Stanly County?  A. Our rail connectivity is another advantage for businesses. We have mainline access to CSX, and Aberdeen Carolina & Western and the Winston-Salem Southbound both help connect us with CSX and also with Norfolk Southern. In addition, t R2"FwV&@f6ƗG2w&VB76WBf"W"6VGB'&w26vf6BFV66WW'F6RFFR&VrvFV&W bFW&Ff6F'2&V7G2v@vv66W76&ƗGBFB2Ɩ֗FV@W"'GVFW26R6GVF2vP&VƖWfRFR&F'W6W72&&V06FRvF7G&rFVFBvRv6FVRFv&F&WBFBf"6ƖVG0vF6vf6BVW&wVVG2FF6w2FBvR7FǒF0rVVVB&FRB62FV6Ɩr&FRbFRV&W"bv&W'27Fǒ&22RbF6R'W&6WG0FB26rv&W'2FRW&6VfPF2266W&f"gWGW&Rv&f&6R 2F26ǒ&VVFVB'&V7'VFrWpGW7G'FRFVw&26gBb֖B6&VW v&W'2g&'W&&V22VrV&W"b6W2vRv6FVRF&WBW"f&R'W6W72&2F'&rWrGW7G'FFvW"&ƗGF6FVRFR6FfRVGVvPfRvFW"VƗGbƖfR&fVVG07V62FvFv&V&RWr7FfG7W7BW"fW7FVB'&pVF7FFR&W"WFp6VG6VvRBW"R66W72vVW2'&rWr&W6FVG2FW"66V06VGvN( 2FR֗76rƖF7&V6P'W6W72FW&W7G2FR''B&V&F'W6W72&FR7Fǒ6VG''B2খ7&VF&RvVW&6W'f6RfFf6ƗGF66fW"7Fǒ#p