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Mardi Gras in Mobile A Culinary Carnival Yes, Mardi Gras is full of tradition – and much of that revolves around food. Wheth- er it’s the overflowing tables at Mardi Gras balls offering a smorgasbord of southern favorites or the guilty pleasure of a powdery funnel cake on the parade route, the car- nival culinary menu is a testament to a holiday season that celebrates excess. Ask any Mobilian about their favorite holiday memory and it will invariably involve family, fun, and FOOD. Here are a couple of Mardi Gras foodie traditions that mark the holiday. Judi Gulledge, Executive Director of the Mobile Carnival Museum, acknowledges that while there is no signature Mobile Mardi Gras dish, there is a most popular item: “Whether at a casual house party, a tailgate on the parade route or the most formal of balls, you’ll always find Conecuh Sausage.” She explains: “Mardi Gras revelers love their sausage and you’ll find it served on the finest silver and the humblest of paper plates - as an hors doeuvre, in a soul warming dish of Red Beans & Rice or Jambalaya, or grilled and stuffed in a hot dog bun.” Steve and Nancy Joynt produce Mobile Mask the annual Reveler’s Guide to Mardi Gras. When queried, Mr. and Mrs. Mask agreed that there is no single Mobile Mardi Gras dish. Mrs. Mask, offered her ‘go to’ tradition - Pepper Slaw. It’s a crunchy, fresh, change of pace requiring just a little work for a big flavor payoff. It’s all vegetables that aren’t starchy or boring, colorful like Mardi Gras and holds up well on that buffet table or on the parade route. There’s not a lot of rules with Pepper Slaw – make it colorful, slice it thin, let it marinate. The finished Mardi Gras Pepper Slaw. MRS. MASK’S MARDI GRAS PEPPER SLAW This colorful dish combines crunchy vegetables with bot- tled dressing. The longer you leave it, the better it gets, and because there’s no mayonnaise, it holds up well for Mardi Gras and tailgate get-togethers. 3 cups mini sweet pepper rings 2-3 celery ribs 1 medium onion 6-7 rainbow radishes ½-¾ cup Ken’s Lite Caesar dressing White pepper and salt (to taste) •Wash the peppers and remove the seeds and white membrane. Thinly slice. •Clean the other vegetables, and thinly slice. •Toss raw vegetables in a bowl, then add dressing. Season with white pepper, and if desired, salt. Toss to thoroughly distribute the dressing. If you have more veggies, add more dressing. It needs to coat the slaw. Cover and refrigerate 6-8 hours before serving. If you think about it, toss the slaw from time to time. Mobile Mask, the annual Reveler’s Guide to Mardi Gras is the consummate source for all things Carnival in South Alabama. The seventh annual edition – featuring the full parade and ball schedule as well as stories on the people and organizations that make Mardi Gras happen - is available in more than 20 stores. Go to to find the full list. You can also download the Mobile Mask app for a great resource to parade routes and current conditions and a place to share your Mardi Gras experiences. 40 DISCOVER COASTAL ALABAMA - WINTER/SPRING 2019