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AN ALABA A MAKE M R TAKE ROOT Originally hand-crafted in Mobile - ROOT represents the determination and vision of entrepreneur and mother Anna Luce. A commitment to nutrition and natural remedies grew after the diagnosis of her daughter Rancey with a rare neurological disorder, Rett Syndrome, in 1993. “I am a voice for my daughter Rancey, who can’t speak for herself. She is a classic case of Rett Syndrome. She is non- verbal and non-ambulatory and teaches us more then we will over know without saying a word. She is beautiful and speaks with her eyes. Rett is a neurological disorder caused by mutation on the X chromosome. She was diagnosed at 18 months and it was a long, dark journey to figure out what she has because it is a diagnosis of exclusion. By the grace of God, I jumped in with both feet to the biomedical research and 27 years later we have a possible treatment and cure. Take ROOT© represents a fresh take on one of the world’s oldest and healthiest spices: ginger. The flowering ginger plant originated in China and has been treasured over centuries for its remarkable benefits, flavor and fragrance. Ginger is proven to support digestion, immunity and healthy skin while reducing inflammation and nausea. Ginger’s main bioactive compound is gingerol which carries powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. For this reason, ginger is growing in demand worldwide with options from candies, powders, and dressings to featured ingredient in several health beverages. ROOT is an innovative addition to the mix, a low-calorie enhanced water beverage that offers a mix of vitamins and natural antioxidant properties in its all-natural combination of ginger root, purified water, lemon and honey. Nutritionists are including ROOT in their “approved” list of products; mixologists are designing cocktails; OB-GYNs are recommending ROOT to expecting mothers and a growing number of groceries, specialty stores, markets and restaurants are adding ROOT ginger water to the shelves and the menu. In fact, the market acceptance and support since introduction has been a little overwhelming and led to some current inventory challenges in the retail environment. Luce and her team caution a little patience over the next few months as they focus on the next “chapter” - exploring options to improve production efficiency and enhance the health benefits and flavor while continuing to maintain the high-quality, all-natural standards which have been a ROOT hallmark from the beginning. ROOT, at its core, is a for-profit social enterprise with an end goal to contribute financially to neurological research as well as the final stages of funding toward an actual treatment for Rett Syndrome. Five percent of each sale of ROOT goes to neurological research. To follow the company’s progress and find local retailers that carry ROOT, go to their website or find them on Facebook. DISCOVER COASTAL ALABAMA - WINTER/SPRING 2019 31