Discover Coastal Alabama Winter 2019 - Page 45

“We live a pretty incredible life.” The HAW5 Foundation was formed to keep alive the energetic fun-loving spirit of Henry A Wise V. Henry was a fi e young man who was very genuine and had a great attitude towards life. He was always smiling and singing, in a great mood, and never wasted a min- ute of the day.  Henry was known as someone who included everyone. He was a popular and talented athlete with a strong inner faith and connection to Christ which allowed him to live with such a free spirit. He once said while out fishing with friends on Mobile Bay that “We live a pretty Incredible life”. Th s life included 16 years at Bayside Academy and attending camps like JH Ranch and Young Life - just a few of the important, impactful places that shaped Henry’s spirit during his short life.  The HAW5 Foundation funds scholar- ships to all of the above organizations. 100% of the donations are gifted back to people in need. The HAW5 board con- sist of parents, siblings, friends, and a student who received the HAW5 schol- arship. The scholarship allows that same student to match the contribution and make his or her own donation to a cause of their choice.  The foundation will also always continue to support emergency and fi st response teams who in Henry’s case went over and beyond expecta- tions in their search. We will forever be grateful to those men and women.  We promise as advocates for HAW5 to help others however we can to live an incred- ible life as Henry did. For more information and how to make a contribution please go to DISCOVER COASTAL ALABAMA - WINTER 2019 45