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Everybody Loves Bacon! But nobody loves it like William E Stitt - who’s signature Bill E’s Small Batch Bacon, the result of years of dreaming, searching and testing is truly something special. There are all sorts of reasons Bill E’s tastes better than your average bacon, starting with how the pigs are raised on the 25 Midwestern family farms that produce the pork. Berkshire Red and Chantilly White pigs are specially bred for maximum meatiness and flavor, then Bill E hand-cures the meat for eight days in pink curing salt and heavy-duty brown sugar made with real molasses. The pork bellies are turned every other day to enrich the process before being cold-smoked in hickory, producing exceptionally tender meat that’s sweet and savory. It makes regular mass- produced bacon from the supermarket taste like, well, regular mass-produced bacon from the supermarket. There’s one other secret that makes Bill E’s Bacon so tasty. It’s serenaded to by songwriters. The bacon is cured, smoked and sliced in 32 DISCOVER COASTAL ALABAMA - WINTER 2019 small rooms at Bill E’s Old 27 Grill – right behind the stage where local songwriters and musicians play. Bill E is convinced the music energizes his bacon and once you taste it, you may be singing the same song. Old 27 Grill is currently the only retail outlet to find Bill E’s Bacon. You can enjoy it on the menu there and at some of the best local restaurants around including Dauphin’s, Dumbwaiter, Noble South the Wash House and the Grand Hotel.