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Of the many traits that identify our Southern heritage, two of the strongest are our independent streak – often expressed through entrepreneurship - and our love for food. When those to come together, we are gifted with flavorful offerings that speak to our Alabama taste buds and our pride of ownership. We’re pleased to share the stories of three Coastal Alabama food entrepreneurs. Wings are King, but the secret is in the Sauce! When it comes to Saturday’s in the fall – it’s all about football, food and fun! For nearly 40 years, Bob Baumhower has been the undisputed “King of Wings” in Alabama, and it’s due in no small part to his full line of signature sauces. Bob took the commitment to excellence and hard work he learned while playing under legendary coaches Paul “Bear” Bryant, at the University of Alabama, and Don Shula with the NFL’s Miami Dolphins and applied them to his life’s other great love – food! When Bob introduced buffalo-style chicken wings to the state of Alabama in 1981, it wasn’t long before guests were clamoring for his signature hot sauce that made his wings so special – a unique blend of aged, milled cayenne peppers and seasonings, making for a more flavorful than spicy bite. The restaurant baring his namesake – “Baumhower’s Victory Grille” now dishes up more than 1,000,000lbs of those famous jumbo chicken wings annually! Baumhower has long grown beyond just wings. His Victory Grille serves up a full menu of outstanding offerings and Dauphin’s overlooking downtown Mobile and Mobile Bay is continuously recognized as one of the best restaurants along the coast. Baumhower’s “Black and White Chicken” features a white BBQ sauce that was such a fan-favorite it had to be bottled. Bob’s White BBQ dipping sauce is creamy and sweet with an addictive zing and pairs great with char- grilled chicken, pork and more! The recipe for success with all of Baumhower’s sauces is using only the highest quality of ingredients, including the island-inspired heat of their Jamaican Jerk or the Asian flare of the Thai Sweet Chili sauce – the perfect complement to their AL Gulf Bam Bam Shrimp appetizer! You can pick up a bottle of any of Baumhower’s signature sauces in store or online at; in select Fresh Markets around the state; or by asking your neighborhood grocer to carry them! DISCOVER COASTAL ALABAMA - WINTER 2019 31