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As we’ve noted, each farm produces a unique oyster. Below a few favorites are listed, as well as what your taste buds should expect to experience. MURDER POINT OYSTERS • Portersville Bay Murder Points are exclusively grown in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico using a long line method developed in Australia. Our oysters are spawned from the species Crassostrea virginica, also known as the Eastern/American oyster. Murder Point Oysters thrive in the unique conditions off Alabama’s coastline, which produces a full, rich, creamy taste with a light metallic finish and a drop of butter in each one. There are many elements that can affect an oyster’s outcome, but here at Murder Point we know the most important element is Love. #butterlove MOBILE OYSTER COMPANY • Dauphin Island The taste of any oyster has almost everything to do with where it comes from, what waters have nourished it. This is why we raise our Isle Dauphine Oysters where we do---off the West End of Dauphin Island, Alabama, at a place where human habitation ends and the salty waters of the Gulf of Mexico meet the fertile waters flowing from Alabama’s amazing estuaries. Salty and rich, Isle Dauphine Oysters are a tastable microcosm of their home. We hope you enjoy. POINT AUX PINS OYSTER FARM • Grand Bay Alabama In 2000, Steve Crockett planted the first off-bottom oysters in the Gulf as a reef restoration project for the Mobile Bay National Estuary program. Now his  Point Aux Pins Oysters is one of the largest Gulf off-bottom oyster operations in the South. The Point Aux Pin is a steak lover’s oyster: firm, meaty, and rich - light on brine and big on oysterness. https:// NAVY COVE OYSTERS • Fort Morgan Navy Cove Oysters are located along the northern shore of Fort Morgan, Alabama near the body of water called Navy Cove which was frequented by Indians, an anchorage for pirates and then the U.S. Navy during the War of 1812 and WWII. The site rests at the intersection of the waters of Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Our oysters are bathed by the tidal exchanges between the ocean and the bay producing a moderate brine taste with a rich creamy buttery texture and cucumber like finish. They carry the signature of a prominent “racing stripe” across the shell and are easy to open with a bill or hinge oyster knife. “What’s my favorite oyster? An open one.” -Bill Walton For more on oyster farming including the economic, social, and environmental benefits, go to our website at DISCOVER COASTAL ALABAMA - WINTER 2019 13