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creative OUTLET a Pulp & Pine offers variety of inspired projects to lure crafters C reativity has always come natu- rally to Melissa O’Connor, owner of Pulp & Pine, a new Pinterest- inspired craft studio in Anderson. “My grandpa was a tinkerer and very creative. I was around that my whole life,” she recalled. “I think that’s what sparked my creativity.” A little over a year ago, O’Connor, who works in the fi nancial industry, was craving a creative outlet and social interaction with other moms. So she called a few friends together for a craft night, and the Jovial Craft Club was born. “A month went by, and it just organically started growing,” she explained. “It was a private group on Facebook, and in one year we now have 400 members. It was obvious there was a desire and a need here in town.” A few months later, O’Connor started getting re- quests for private parties. “I realized this was a viable business outside of craft club, so I created Pulp & Pine DIY Mobile Workshop because I didn’t have a studio,” O’Connor said. “I would go to people’s homes or at a local business or rent a facility, so I’ve done that for the last year along with the craft club.” Fast forward to present day, and O’Connor has transformed her passion for crafting into a brick-and- mortar craft studio on Anderson’s north side, which will celebrate its grand opening on April 26. “I wanted to foster these pockets of people who, like me, don’t always get outside of our homes because we’re so invested in our families that we don’t take the time for us,” she explained. “I’m really striving to cre- ate an atmosphere that’s fun and relaxing. There’s no skill required – you can come in here for a few hours and just be creative.” PULP & PINE DIY CRAFT STUDIO AND HANDMADE MARKET ADDRESS: 303 Alexandria Pike, Suite A, Anderson PHONE: 317.370.1423 WEBSITE: HOURS: Open studio time on Thursdays and Fridays from 10 to 3 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 to 4 p.m. Available for private workshops and kids parties by appointment only. Project nights and classes will vary from week to week on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. DISCOVER | 25