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EATS The 10-top intimate setting offers diners a chance to relive that honeymoon to the Italian countryside with each bite of Catello’s made-in-the- back, pesto-fi lled mozzarella balls or fresh-caught salmon al caroccio, fragrant with olive oil and spices. “A lot of our customers have come to Italy and they want to recreate the experience,” said Avagnale, speaking in quick Italian and translated through manager and waiter Raffaele Cirillo. “Whoever has been to Italy dines here.” But offering a true Italian dining experience in the land of Olive Garden and Fazoli’s means there’s just as much education as cooking that goes into serving a meal at Catello’s. “This happens constantly because we are not an Ital- American restaurant — we are not serving alfredo with 16 | DISCOVER the shrimp … I’ve had con- stant daily fi ghts. Unfortu- nately, there has been a lot of miseducation about Italian dining,” Cirillo said. “So we are investing a lot of energy in educating customers to the real cuisine.” “That’s part of my job,” he said. “I don’t drop the plates on the table. My job is about communication.” So, if not the well-trodden fare of neverending salad and pasta bowls, what can din- ners expect from an authen- tic lunch or dinner cooked by someone born where the food originates? Both Avagnale and Cirillo hail from the Campania re- gion of southern Italy, home to Naples and Pompeii. “Naples is a seaport a lot of seafood, pasta with seafood, fi sh fi let ... there is a lot of olive oil because that grows there. It’s very typical saute everything,” Cirillo said.