Discover Anderson Madison County Indiana Spring 2019 - Page 14

EATS T here are no olive trees lining State Street in downtown Pendleton, nor vaulted stucco fa- cades in pastel hues. And most of the time the weather falls far from reaching the salt-crusted warmth of southern Italy, with the scent of roasting fresh-caught fi sh and aging mozzarella lingering on the breeze. But downtown Pendleton does offer one way to experience the best of Italian life. Just walk through the doors of Catello’s Mozzarella Bar and you’ll be transported instantly to the port city of Naples, Italy. Headed by Catello Avagnale, the restaurant stands out as elevated fare in Madison County. A Naples native who made his way up Interstate 69 by way of Matteo’s restaurant in Noblesville, the restaurant’s owner and head chef claims it’s as close as you can get to enjoying a real bite of southern Italy in Indiana or likely the Midwest. 14 | DISCOVER STORY BY CHRISTOPHER STEPHENS PHOTOS BY DALE PICKETT