Direct Drive Wind Turbine Market with Current Trends Analysis,2015-20 FMI - Page 5

Report Description Report Description On the basis of generator’s mode of operation, the direct drive wind turbine market is segmented into: Permanent magnet synchronous generator Electrically excited synchronous generator On the basis of capacity, the direct drive wind turbine market is segmented into: Small-sized direct drive wind turbine Mid-sized direct drive wind turbine Large-sized direct drive wind turbine Direct Drive Wind Turbine Market: Overview US, Germany, China, Spain and India collectively account for more than 50% share of the global installed base. Emerging markets like Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe will gain considerable market share during the forecast period. Latin America is a nascent market. Rapid technological advancements, improvements in the generator technology along with the strong economic growth and governmental initiatives will lead the direct drive wind turbinemarket to expand at a robust CAGR during the forecast period (2015-2025).