Diplomatist Special Report: West Asia - North Africa 2018 WANA 2018 - Page 5

32 India Linking West in its Healthcare Model 34 Looking West: India’s Energy Requirments and Its West Asia Policy 38 Need of a Clean Energy Partnership – India & WANA 40 India an Attractive Destination for Medical Tourism 42 Why Djibouti is Strategically important for India & World: President Kovind’s fi rst presidential Visit to Djibouti & Ethiopia 44 Revisiting the Ancient Indian Connections 46 India and WANA: Security and Cooperation 48 Social Cultural Connect: Religious and Ideological Bonds 50 Space Co-operation between India & West Asia 52 Water management: A Technological quest to quench the thirst of India & WANA Region Published and Produced by Diplomatist Magazine an imprint of L.B. Associates (Pvt) Ltd Email: info@diplomatist.com I Website: www.diplomatist.com DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in this magazine are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily refl ect those of the editors or publisher. Although all efforts have been made to ensure the complete accuracy of text, neither the editors nor publisher can accept responsibility for consequences arising from errors or omissions or any opinions or advice given.