Diplomatist Special Report: West Asia - North Africa 2018 WANA 2018 - Page 38

SPECIAL REPORT Need of a Clean Energy Partnership – India & WANA By AMIT SINHA* A clean energy revolution is taking place across the world, underscored by the steady expansion, of the renewable energy sector. The clean energy industry generates, hundreds of billions in economic activity, and is expected to continue to grow rapidly in the coming years. There is a tremendous economic opportunity for the countries that invent, manufacture and export clean energy technologies. Responsible development of all of the rich energy resources, including solar, wind, water, geothermal, bioenergy & nuclear will help ensure an emerging leadership in clean energy. Moving forward, the Energy sector will continue to drive strategic investments in the transition to a cleaner, domestic and more secure energy future. The shift away from oil and gas is being driven by a combination of demographics, economics and concerns over supplies. In India, meanwhile, renewable capacity is expected to more than double by 2022. Solar and wind represent 90% of India’s capacity growth, which is the result of auctions for contracts to de [H\Y[\][ۈ\X]B]\ZY[YYHوHܛ8&\\X\܈XY\˂Xܙ[H[\][ۘ[[\HY[x&\ QPJB[]X\ M\ܝ [XH\[\ݙYܚY[Yܘ][ۂ8(\(BBB\\B\XKSܝHHKSKH܂BܝYXBHHHBB[Y\YH; H[\Y\و]][]Y\ˈX]\Hق\HXܜ[Xx&\ܛ]Y[[ \܂H; H[YK^XYHY\[[H]\X[[[ۈ UJK[Z[\K[\\XH ܝYXKH\ Yܛ[œY[ۘ[[][ۈ\]\Y[X[܈\\HX]IH[X[H[H ]\Y[؛[X]X^HBX\ ܈HX[HSH[Y\]]X\]H\\\›و[Y[ˈ^H]H[YY]\[ܙHۈ^[]K[][[\ܝˈ]\[]HYYY\\ XY[Y[\8$[ܚ\[8$X][X\ZHY\ [\[[HYYو\][ۈ[\]][ۘ\BY[ [XH[Y\]H\\Y^\\\\][ۈ[H[]XH[\HX܈]^\BH[Y\\[YX\[HX[Y[[BYو][ܙX\[[X[ܛYKHX][[H^Y[H܈[X[[\HوB[X\Hو[XH[Z\[ Mܙ[\YH[XB&[]XH[\NY[[H]]\x&H\B^\H[XH[Y\\\Y [[\Y[\YH[X[[Y\X[^\Y[\[HX܋[Xx&\[X\Y܈Y\[^H]X\^XB][Y[H[XK]HXXو[]XH[\H\\X[\B[\ܝ[[HYو[ܙX\[[X[܈X[