Diplomatist Special Report: West Asia - North Africa 2018 WANA 2018 - Page 36

Advertorial 4 Reasons to Start Using Shakti Solar Water Pumps T echnological advances towards more efficient and environmentally conscious solutions have reached almost all strata of human habitation, including the oldest human profession farming. In this post, we talk about Shakti Solar Water Pumps and why you should be using them. Shakti Solar Water Pumps are now used throughout the world. Popular on farms and rural areas, Shakti Solar Water Pumps are able to provide water for domestic use, and for agricultural and livestock production. One of the main challenges in countries is the difficulty to extract water in areas that have no grid power supply. This process can be more expensive if you use wind turbines, for example, and labor intensive if you use livestock for turning the water-wheels. Instead, by using a Shakti Solar Water Pumps you can more easily save money, more efficiently utilize your resources, extract and supply water for all your needs. Here are 4 reasons for you to start using Shakti Solar Water Pumps 1 – Multifunctionality: A Shakti Solar Water Pump can be used to extract water for animals/plants/human consumption, for farming/irrigation. Since the need for water is greater in hot sunny days, solar technology is an obvious choice for this application. This is a simple, reliable process that requires almost no maintenance by the user. At the same point during night that same system can be connected to grid and can be used to pump water. 2 – Easy to use Those who have already worked with water pumps know that this is not a difficult system. The water pumping systems powered by solar energy is similar to any other pumping system. The only difference is in the type of energy that feeds it: Solar Energy. Shakti Solar Water Pumps usually consist of photovoltaic panels (modules), a HES motor, a bore pump and a solar controller. Solar water pumping arrays are fixed, mounted or sometimes even placed on sun-tracking machines to increase the time and volume of pumping. 3 – Becoming cheaper The price of Solar Water Pumps has decreased in recent years. This in-turn means that not only you will recover your investment faster, but you will also be able to use the pump for free for a longer period of time. Which basically means free water harvesting for a long time. 4 – Effi ciency and quality The best photovoltaic water pumping systems installed can provide more than 30 years of reliable and continuous service. Most of the solar modules come with a 20-25 year warranty and an average usable life of 30-35 years. 36 •West Asia-North Africa