Diplomatist Special Report: West Asia - North Africa 2018 WANA 2018 - Page 20

SPECIAL REPORT India’s Act of Balance in West Asia amidst Syrian Crisis By TSUPOKYEMLA* I ndia has sought to continue its fi ve-decade long cordial relationship with Syria, despite the confl ict raging there, and has been providing balanced support for Bashar al-Assad’s government. However, as the Syrian confl ict has dragged on, it has become increasingly clear that the confl ict in Syria is the epicentre of the tremors that are shaking the region, placing India’s own national interests at risk. India’s West Asia Policy under the Modi Government Since Narendra Modi took offi ce in May 2014, India’s foreign policy towards its immediate and extended neighbourhood has become the major thrust of his administration. West Asia occupies a pivotal position in India’s immediate maritime and extended continental strategic environment. The unprecedented number of high-profi le visits to and from the region in the past several years refl ects West Asia’s economic and strategic importance to India. The Modi government’s policy outreach to the region has been a predicate on strengthening economic ties, and developing strategic partnerships with West Asian countries. India’s Relations with Syria: Nature and Scope Syria is the eye of the storm that is engulfi ng t ɕ(]Ёͥ9Ѡɥ)=ݥѼ́ɅѕѥѡͼqM) ɕ͍гtЁ͕́Mɥ́ѡɽ䁉ѱɽչ)ȁѡȁɕݕ̸Qɕݸѡхє)ɑȁѡ͕ɥمմ́ѥ䃾ѡ)%ͱMхє%M%Lȁ͠Mɥ́ͼѡٽ)TLIͥѕхѥѡɕݥѠѡݼݕ)ѥͥͥ́ѡаѡ՝ݥѠѡ)хѕ́եхѥɅѥѼɽЁ%M%L)ѡ՝Mɥ́ЁȁɽՍȁȁ́Ёٔ)ɝ%ɥєչ䰁Ё́ѡ́Ʌ)Ѽѡɕɥمɥ́́ѡЁٔɽչ)ѥ́ȁ%)%Mɥٔхɑɕѥ̸)ٕѕѥ́Օ́Ս́-͡ȰMɥ)͕%éͥѥݡ%́ѕMɥe)ɕɑѡх́ѡ!̸AɕͥЁͅ)́ͼѕ%éȁ͕ЁѡT8Mɥ) չ)MѡMɥЁѕİ%)хѥ́Ʌ丁́ͥѕѱ)ѡѥ́ѼՔѥͽѥ)Ѽɔ٥ѡɵɔѡ%ͥѥ)ѡЁͽѥѼѡЁЁչѡɽ՝