Diplomatist Special Report - Tanzania Tanzania 2018 - Page 58

Advertorial Jumbo Tanzania The Escorts Group is among India’s leading engineering conglomerates operating in the high growth sectors of agri- machinery, construction & material handling equipment, railway equipment and auto components. The Agri Machinery Group of Escorts Ltd. commenced its manufacturing operations in 1964 and they are since using their experience and expertise to power and propel change in the farming landscape across the globe. Farmtrac and Powertrac are leading brand of tractors from 12HP – 120 HP. These tractors are committed to serving the farmer-ensuring the fruits of his labour become a bountiful harvest for the nation. With superior technology and dedicated service support, they ensure that progress reaches far and wide in the African farm sector. Escorts has been present in the African X\]܈ݙ\LYX\XܛHX\ \ ][ܝYX[[ Z\Z[[H[HYX[X\]۝[Y\]\[H[ YX[[Y\HHY[YHوܙ\œXZ]YHY\XK[[XK[K[[XYY\\\[H\[\[Y\ˈH Xܜš]H[XYHY[[]\Y[۝[[\ܙ\BYX[۝[[\H\[[۞HHۻ H[H\Y[Z\X H[Xܜ]\HYY[\Y܂YX[ۙ][ۜˈYXHYHؘ[\[Hو\ܝ]\]XZ[\[[ [Y\[Y[TK]\K\\XH[]X\\XKHYX\ٝ[H^X]Yܛ8&\\\[BX[وXܜ[[[XH܈X] Xܜ[ [\[Y[\Y][ۈ[\[\]ˈ[\SSS’SH QԒPSTHT H[YH][YB[[X[ݙ\Y[[\\\]\ܝ[Z]Y BN8(SSPBܘ[HX\[\[Y[[H][ۘ[8'Y HY[Bܘ[\'HZ[YY]XZ[]H\\[KYZ[Hؘ[]\YHو NKXܜ܈ K X\\و[ [[XH\\[X]Y]BX] XܜK X\BXZ[\H]\Z[HYY[\ݙ[Y[[^]YX\XY]BܙY[]][ۋH\B۝[Y][[[XB\ܝ[HوXܜ[[\\HXZ܈\\HYX[^][ۈ[[[BYܚX[\[X]]H[[[XKXZH[\\Z[[ܙHY HY[ \ܝZ[[˜[][Y[[\[[XK[[XH[]YXBݚYHZ[[\Y\[\YY\X[\[\Y[ݙ\Y[Z[Y\YܚX[\[[[[Y\[Y[˂\ܝZ[[[\[[[XB\X\H\YۙY XY YY[\Y܈YX[ۙ][ۜˈ[^H۝[YH\\HBܙ\وYX[\Y\ˈ\ܝYܚHXX[\H\Y[^H[X]H\[XZ[YXHHܙY[۝[[ Hܝ\XZ[[X]H۝X][ۈ\›XZ[YXHH[\[X[[Y HY[۝[[ B\[H[\\]ݙ\Y[[[]YX[\H[\\Y[[YܚH\[\[[[Bۘ\وY HY[H[H[K^HXX[^B[ݚY[[ ]Y[][ۜ\[H[\[YܚX[\[YX[^][ۈ \Y][ۈ][ۜ \[š\\[\\\[[XY[‘܈\\]Z[۝XKSXZ[[X[ [P\ܝ˘˚[ ”ۙH H LKNMML MM