Diplomatist Special Report - Tanzania Tanzania 2018 - Page 49

Investment Opportunities Agriculture The climate of Zanzibar allows different types of crops, vegetables, and fruits to be grown and processed. There is, therefore, great potential for agro-related industries which private investors can engage in. In Zanzibar, you only enjoy fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and freshly brewed fruit juice of your choice – a healthy way of life. Investment opportunities are in crop production, animal production and spices. Fisheries Zanzibar lies at the crossroads of rare marine resources and biodiversity with unlimited potential for development of the fi shing industry. Demand for fi sh is increasing as tourist hotels and restaurants seek high-value species such as swordfi sh, squid, octopus, crab, marlin, snappers, prawns, tuna, and kingfi sh. Manufacturing Zanzibar is committed to developing a modern manufacturing industry with backward and forward linkages. Due to their immediate social-economic linkages and development impact, the following opportunities are among the preference. • Food Agro-processing Industries for Milling, Processing, Packaging, and Canning • Textile, Apparel and Beauty Products Industries • Building and Construction material industries • Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Supply Industries • Consumer Durable Goods Assembling • Capital Good - Component Assembly Services • Financial services • Transportation and Storage facilities • Construction • Social services • Information and communication services Infrastructure Infrastructure includes roads network, electricity generation and networks, seaports and airports and other utility structures. Although infrastructure development was the traditional role of the public sector, the Government has moved to clear the way for private sector participation in infrastructure development. Opportunities are: • Establishment of landing sites facilities • Rehabilitation and extension of Pemba Airport • Renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, particularly solar and wind • Upgrading of electricity transmissions line to 33kv for Pemba and 132 for Unguja • ICT based infrastructure • Construction of dry dock facilities • Kijangwani bus terminal TANZANIA• 49