Diplomatist Special Report - Tanzania Tanzania 2018 - Page 27

President Magufuli is now able to introduce major social and economic projects to spur transformation and improve the lives of the people. In the social arena, he has introduced free education from primary upto lower level of secondary schools, something that has almost doubled the rates of enrollment in both primary and secondary levels. strategies for implementing measures to ensure there is no longer lavish spending of public or offi ce funds. All of the above actions and many of his decisions to reform the way we govern our country have started to bear fruits; government revenues are higher than before and the government is now able to fund major social projects than any time before. The monthly revenue collections jumped from TZS 850 billion to TZS 1.3 trillion monthly. In December 2017, the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) marked a record high revenue collection target by collecting TZS 1.6 trillion from tax revenues. A big chunk of the increase is due to the elevated anti- corruption drive, enforcement of tax collection by cutting off unnecessary tax exemptions and introducing the use of Electronic Fiscal Devices (EFDs) for transparency in tax collect FR&W6FVB666VBWBbFRvfW&V@VB77FV&WBv7Bv&W'2B2FW V&Ɩ26W'fG2vBB7V&VB&WV&VB6V6F'VGV6FWfVg&FR7&V6VB&WfVVW2&W6FVBwVgVƒ2p&RFG&GV6R"66BV6֖2&V7G2F7W G&6f&FB&fRFRƗfW2bFRVRFP66&VR2G&GV6VBg&VRVGV6Fg&&'WFvW"WfVb6V6F'6626WFrFB07BFV&VBFR&FW2bV&VB&F&'@6V6F'WfV2R&6VBFR'VFvWBf"vW"VGV6F7GVFVB2g&W72FE2&ƖF&VRV'2vFfW"E2Cs&Ɩ#r'VFvWBFR6VG'26VVG&VVFW2&fVVG2আ7F2B666W'f6W2#RFRV'VFvW@f"W76VFG'Vw2BFW"VFWVVG2v2E23&ƖW"VӲ'F2V"R&6VBBFE2#c&ƖW"VVFrF7&V6Rbf&ƗGbG'Vw2আVF6VFW'2F&fRW&6VBg&FR&WfW2wW&Pb&VrSW&6VBD( "#p