Diplomatist Special Report - Tanzania Tanzania 2018 - Page 18

up from 32 recorded in 2016, Centre (EASTC) based in the highest score in over 10 Tanzania and the Indian Council years. But at the same time, of Agricultural Research. President Magufuli has ensured It is also true that Tanzania’s a certain level of continuity in agricultural products such as those pillars that defi ne us as cashew nuts, coffee, pulses, Tanzanians. These include, for cotton, sisal cloves and a variety instance, an entrenched sense of of other spices have always nationhood that holds together found a steady and reliable the more than 126 tribes with market in India. As regards different beliefs and ensure to the pulses, for many years they define themselves first before 2017, Tanzania has On 4 April 2018, Baraka Haran Luvanda, High Commissioner of the and foremost as Tanzanians. been exporting to India large United Republic of Tanzania, presented his credentials to Maithripala Equally important, President quantities of pulses, namely, Sirisena, President of Sri Lanka Magufuli has continued to pigeon peas, chickpeas, black preserve peace and tranquillity, unity, rule of law, gram, green gram, and lentils. The total exports human rights and democratic values, all of which are for the year 2016 alone were 283,809,885 tons. key to the attainment of the Tanzania Development However, following an all-time bumper production Vision 2015. of pulses in India in 2016/17 (22.95 million tonnes), the government decided in August 2017 to ban the During the visit of Prime Minister Narendra importation of pulses from outside India as well lifting Modi to Tanzania in 2016, the two sides agreed to the restrictions on export of Indian pulses to other work bilaterally, regionally and globally to combat countries. The decision has had devastating effects the twin threats of terrorism and climate change. on not only Tanzania, but also to many other pulse How is the cooperation between the two countries producing nations around the world as India has been shaping up on these two fronts? a major importer of pulses all along. The decision On counterterrorism, India continues to had sought to support the local prices due to the said partner largely with Tanzania through a number of record production in India. Whether this is only a short- comprehensive capacity building training involving term/temporary measure or not it is a million-dollar all sections of the Tanzania Defence Forces, namely, question. So I cannot state with certainty what the Navy, Land, and Air Forces. Efforts have been geared future prospects are, but I will continue advising my towards ensuring that information sharing in support government to look for alternative markets elsewhere of counterterrorism strategies is enhanced through as well as looking for other usages of the product regular bilateral consultations. India continues to through value addition. support regional counterterrorism efforts, initiatives, and joint working groups that seek to impart the Tanzania’s President John Magufuli has Indian experience and some good practices in fi ghting implemented several reforms in the country after terrorism. he took offi ce in November 2015. Can you brief us about the radical transition Tanzania is witnessing The two nat [ۜ]H[\\Y[H\X\š[\\وH]\[[ۚ[وHݙ\[وYܚX[\H[X\]HY[[YXۛ^O™^ܝو[\H[[XH[XK[[BH]\YZ]]\\H\H[Y]Y]HYH]Z[X]\[Y[Y[[]\B]Y\[ۋ]\]Z\\[ݙ\[\\Y[وBXœYܛ\YX]HH; H\Hݙ\Y[HYܚX[\[X܈[[[XH\[[ۙB[\ HXHXYY[H[\YX\œXܜ]]H[Y]Y[[Y[[HHB[ٻ HK\\\وH[Y\ݙ\X[HYX\ˈ\\]\[\H[H[[X\^HHXZ܂HHYܚX[\[[]X\][\]Z\Y[ Yܛ\[H\YX\ˈ\ܜXH[Y]\H\Y[Hۜ[XX[^[HHB[[\]Y\[ۋ\Y[XHXYY[H\œ[][[]][ۜ\[\XH[ٙ\܂Y\\Y[X\XHXY][Y[[HH[YHš[[K[ MKHY[[ܘ[[Hو[\[[œ\[ݙ[X\ MKH\YHY[\\YۙY]Y[HX\YXH]\X[Z[[˜YZ[ܜ\[ۈK[[ۙ\\\X\[ŒN8(SSP