Diplomatist Magazine Diplomatist April 2018 - Page 5

  GLOBAL CENTRE STAGE NEW DYNAMISM IN INDIA’S WEST ASIA POLICY Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to three Arab countries was aimed at enhancing India’s engagement with West Asia. 37 AFRICA DIARY INDIA AND AFRICA ON A MOMENTOUS JOURNEY OF EVER-RISING TIES India’s relations with African countries had remained low for a long time despite the richness of its historical links with the region. 49 EU-JAPAN RELATIONS: TOWARDS A NEW POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC PARTNERSHIP? The visit of Japan’s Foreign Minister Taro Kōno in Brussels on 8 December 2017 marked the end of four years of negotiation of a comprehensive free trade and partnership agreement between the European Union and Japan. 28 EMERGING PYONGYONG-SEOUL DETENTE AND US CONCERNS! North Korea, unfortunately, continues to be a major irritant for maintaining peace and security, not just in the Asia-Pacifi c region but across the world. 32 MIDDLE EAST NOTEBOOK NETANYAHU’S INDIA VISIT UPGRADES BILATERAL TIES Israel has come a long way, leaving behind the complicated history of its creation and the turbulent years that followed which saw three Arab- Israeli wars. 40 CULTURAL CONNECT INTERNATIONAL SOLAR ALLIANCE: THE FRENCH CONNECTION The International Solar Alliance set up by France and India has been dubbed India’s place in the sun as the fi rst treaty-based UN organisation registered under Article 102 which is headquartered in India. 53 'MULTICULTURAL RICHNESS IS THE BASIS OF STRONG PERU-INDIA TIES' Known for its rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes, Peru is one of the most famous tourist destinations around the globe. 42 UNFOLDING ISRAEL-SAUDI- EMIRATI ALLIANCE AND ITS IMPACT ON PALESTINE Israel and Saudi-Emirati may seem questionable allies in the regional power politics but recent developments in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen has pushed these countries to cooperate against their common enemy, Iran as a part of the new regional paradigm. 34 PERSPECTIVE CHINA’S RISING INFLUENCE IN THE MALDIVES AND SOUTH ASIAN POLITICS India faces yet another crisis in her neighbourhood. The Maldives’ political turmoil has once again made China and India a contender in South Asian regional politics. 46 REMEMBERING ANTI- APARTHEID CRUSADER WINNIE MANDELA 56