Diplomatist Magazine Diplomatist April 2018 - Page 42

MIDDLE EAST NOTEBOOK NETANYAHU’S INDIA VISIT UPGRADES BILATERAL TIES BY PINAK RANJAN CHAKRAVARTY* I srael has come a long way, leaving behind the complicated history of its creation and the turbulent years that followed which saw three Arab-Israeli wars. India too has discarded the baggage of history and the apprehension of vote-bank sensitive Indian politicians seems to have receded, as national interests of India and Israel have steadily converged over the decades. In the decades after Israel’s creation as an independent nation, India had shunned the new State, though extending recognition to its sovereign existence in 1950. There is always something inexorable in the cycle of history that has brought India and Israel closer today than ever be ܙB][HܙX]Y[\[\Z[Z[YZ[Yœ\XYH]Z\[ZHXۚ^H\ܘY[[ NM ZB[]\Y[]\YH\[Y[8'X[]Z'KZB\ZYYHX][[HX[[[H^Y\\˜HY\\ۈ\Y\[][]\[\ˈ[XH\[ܘ\[]Hۜ\]Y[\و\][ۈ[Y\[H“]\[H[[Y[[\YHX]HS[Z\[ۂۈ[\[HYY\][ۈHXYYHو][ۜ”[\[HX[]H\]ܞK[XKHY[X\وHS[Z\[ۋYYYZ[H\][ۈو[\[B[[\[[][ۜو\ܘY[[[\[KR 8(^[ܙ[\H[[\[X\H\X]\8( 8(\YH 8(\[ N Y