Diplomatist Magazine Diplomatist April 2018 - Page 4

  Contents COVER STORY INSIDE EUROPE ADIEU TO CYPRUS ENVOY INDIA'S ENGAGEMENT WITH FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS: OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES A free trade agreement seeks to establish free trade of goods or services between the participating countries by reducing or eliminating barriers to trade. 4 INSIDE EUROPE: LEAD STORY POPULIST POLITICS AND THE EUROPEAN SCENARIO Populism politics is not a new phenomenon. Its scope, intensity and effi ciency has expanded in recent times, both in horizontal and vertical dimensions, within the European political context. 12 IN FOCUS UNCOVERING THE LESSONS FROM ITALIAN ELECTION 2018 On March 4, 2018, Italians casted their ballots for the general election. The big winners were the extreme right party The Northern League (LN) led by Matteo Salvini with 17.7 percent of the vote and the anti-establishment populist 5-Star Movement (M5S) led by Luigi di Maio with 32.2 percent of the vote. 15 UNRAVELLING THE HIDDEN EFFECTS OF BULGARIA’S EU COUNCIL PRESIDENCY “I am glad that the people in our country strongly support the European Union and are interested in the issues that the EU is facing. This is one of the effects of the rotating presidency of the U